Jun 292014

You’re special. Everybody is special. We all have that skill or ability than nobody else is capable of – unique, irreplaceable, irreplicable.

Has anybody ever thought about what that could actually mean?  It may be preventing people from putting effort into their dreams. Saying that somebody is special can be a cop-out, an excuse, a demotivator. Most people don’t realize it but their minds have crossed that way before. If Bill Gates was special, could I ever really be like him? If LeBron James has a special skill, could I every really do what he does? Einstein was already a math and science prodigy in his childhood, maybe math and science aren’t truly my calling (even though I enjoy them)?

Have you ever had those types of thoughts? In the movies it’s really important for the main characters to be special – unique, irreplaceable, irreplicable. As I live my life however, the world has proven time and again that it is not like the movies. If you’ve progressed in any skill set at all, you’ll realize that no matter what you do there is always somebody who is better and somebody who is worse. There will always be somebody who can do the same things as you.

There are no special skills.

That’s a good thing. It means that all those people that you want to be like, you can be like. It means that whatever skill you would like to have, you can obtain. If everybody is the same then it suddenly brings about a new line of thinking: this guy did it, so I must be able to also!

Granted, there is a thing called circumstance that allows some to excel more than others. Being rich, having good parents, being taught well, people giving you a chance – these are all things that are more or less outside of your control yet would significantly impact your ability to do something. Still, anybody can eventually overcome most of these obstacles. At the risk of sounding like a fairytale, all that person has to do is believe. Not believe that they’re special, but that nobody is. That way, seeing somebody else do it is really just clearing a path for you to do it also.

When nobody is special, anybody can do anything.

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