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Reading comics can be fun. They are entertaining, artistic, and sometimes thought-provoking. Below are some of the web comics I read. The biggest plus? Due to their online format, you can get updates several times a week or even daily!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) – updates daily! Sometimes funny, sometimes serious. Always good. Simple art.

Dominic Deegan – the series is now over. There are plenty of strips though to keep you going for a long time though, if you’re a new reader. Very intriguing story line. Hits on some important issues on how we treat other people. Great character development! The art evolves over the life of the comic, so please don’t worry too much about the simple art in the first few strips.

Subnormality – these are thought-provoking strips. Often they are serious (sometimes in a playful way). Strips can be text-heavy. The art is unique. You’ll spend a lot of time on each strip. There is no set periodic updating – it’s just whenever the artist finishes the next quality strip.

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