Oct 092014

I received a political brochure today that was very informative. It educated me about two political competitors, let’s call them Candidate A and Candidate B, both of whom were running for the same Congressional seat in my state.

Candidate A, a young go-getter, decides to do some marketing. He sends out political brochures telling people how bad Candidate B was and why they shouldn’t vote for that guy. The brochure also includes Candidate A’s name and what he stands for. Sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, the execution was very poor.

Instead of advertising for himself, he advertised for his opponent. Continue reading »

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Jun 292014

“You make your profit when you buy.”

Those are words of advice I’ve heard for a long time and from many sources. They mainly emphasize that you should always purchase an investment for as low a price as possible. Makes sense. I’m talking about it today because it also hints at something that most people don’t realize:

Investing is about spending money, not saving it. Continue reading »

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Jun 292014

You’re special. Everybody is special. We all have that skill or ability than nobody else is capable of – unique, irreplaceable, irreplicable.

Has anybody ever thought about what that could actually mean?  It may be preventing people from putting effort into their dreams. Saying that somebody is special can be a cop-out, an excuse, a demotivator. Most people don’t realize it but their minds have crossed that way before. If Bill Gates was special, could I ever really be like him? If LeBron James has a special skill, could I every really do what he does? Einstein was already a math and science prodigy in his childhood, maybe math and science aren’t truly my calling (even though I enjoy them)?

Have you ever had those types of thoughts? In the movies it’s really important for the main characters to be special – unique, irreplaceable, irreplicable. As I live my life however, the world has proven time and again that it is not like the movies. If you’ve progressed in any skill set at all, you’ll realize that no matter what you do there is always somebody who is better and somebody who is worse. There will always be somebody who can do the same things as you. Continue reading »

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