Jun 292014

Luigi Rosa - Train with Crossing TracksNo doubt you have heard the advice that you should only invest in things you know. Problem is, you’re not an industry expert. You don’t pretend to be and you don’t want to put in the thousands of hours to become one. That’s ok – almost every industry is still open to you to invest in.

Many people think investing only in what you know means limiting yourself to the industries you have expertise in. While that would be the optimal situation, it’s not the requirement. You can actually invest in the oil & gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, telecom industry, and a host of others without knowing the ins and outs of all their movements. Continue reading »

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Jun 292014

I’d like to introduce a new term for an old tool: the extra-long position. It’s an option play that creates a synthetic long position. I’m sure the ideas behind this type of position is nothing new. Despite that, it doesn’t seem to be talked about very much on the popular finance sites or among financial gurus. Perhaps that’s because initiating an extra-long position would be dangerous to most amateur investors. Please proceed if 1) you are willing to increase risk and 2) are able to understand your profit and loss potential before trying this idea.

Why would you want to use an extra-long position? Continue reading »

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Jun 292014

“You make your profit when you buy.”

Those are words of advice I’ve heard for a long time and from many sources. They mainly emphasize that you should always purchase an investment for as low a price as possible. Makes sense. I’m talking about it today because it also hints at something that most people don’t realize:

Investing is about spending money, not saving it. Continue reading »

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