Nov 282014

Ever tried to explain what privilege meant? It’s difficult to put into words that somebody else can understand. It’s difficult because if they have only known a life with certain privileges then it’s very hard to imagine a life without those privileges. Especially if they have been surrounded by others who enjoy the exact same privileges. Continue reading »

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Oct 092014

I received a political brochure today that was very informative. It educated me about two political competitors, let’s call them Candidate A and Candidate B, both of whom were running for the same Congressional seat in my state.

Candidate A, a young go-getter, decides to do some marketing. He sends out political brochures telling people how bad Candidate B was and why they shouldn’t vote for that guy. The brochure also includes Candidate A’s name and what he stands for. Sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, the execution was very poor.

Instead of advertising for himself, he advertised for his opponent. Continue reading »

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Jul 172014

Money is an important part of life. It is also one of the biggest causes of stress for an individual. You have probably experienced it yourself at some point. What are some things you can do to help calm that beating heart of yours?

You can prepare. Preparation is an important part of freeing yourself from the shackles of money troubles. Below are a list of 4 things you should prepare for that will help you live a fuller life.

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Jun 292014

So you’ve got some money in your pocket. No more bills to meet or people to pay back. For most people, the two options that immediately come to mind are 1) save the money or 2) spend it.

In the long run, the money will be spent in some way or another. Saving money is just keeping it around so you can spend it another day, after all. How do you decide what to do, though? It’s not an easy decision but here are some of the more common reasons people do either:

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Jun 292014

Luigi Rosa - Train with Crossing TracksNo doubt you have heard the advice that you should only invest in things you know. Problem is, you’re not an industry expert. You don’t pretend to be and you don’t want to put in the thousands of hours to become one. That’s ok – almost every industry is still open to you to invest in.

Many people think investing only in what you know means limiting yourself to the industries you have expertise in. While that would be the optimal situation, it’s not the requirement. You can actually invest in the oil & gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, telecom industry, and a host of others without knowing the ins and outs of all their movements. Continue reading »

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