What This Website Is About

This site is where I capture some of the wild thoughts that roam the overgrown terrain of my mind, squeeze them until the ink-juice comes out, and paint a picture of the world as I see it. As you can tell, I am not an artsy person so bear with me.

What You’ll Find Here

You will find self-improvement and continuous learning. The world is always growing and changing. Someone who stays still is someone who is falling behind. While trying to educate myself on a subject, I will let you know why it was important to learn, how I approached the learning, and what I have learned so far.

You will find advice and advice regarding advice. It seems these days that advice can be found everywhere. It is given from family, friends, and strangers. It is taught while trying something new. It lingers in the form of famous sayings and quotes. How much of the advice given out really seems to work?

You will find opposing views. Sometimes I may take a side but I always try to be able to both understand and argue each perspective before saying one is better than the other.

You will find life decisions. These are the ones that are hard to make because there is no easy out and no clear-cut path. I will talk about them, give you the pros and cons, and finally offer my experiences on what happened for me.

I love exploring any topic – even the ones less talked about. The ones where there are no easy answers, no easy way to approach the subject. Contact me and let me know what you would like me to explore.

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